TEDDY Collection

A unique and fun kids' bean bag collection from Scandinavian Stories by Marton

More than just bean bags

TEDDY L and TEDDY S are more than just fun and functional furnituture pieces. They are also huge, friendly teddy bears that provide comfort and safety to a child.  TEDDY L has a built in blanket that a kid can crawl under and fasten with a zipper. TEDDY S is smaller and firmer and it's a nice steady stool for the little ones.

Cute, cozy & comfortable

Kids love to embrace these friendly TEDDIES. They will crawl inside TEDDY L's safe, soft and warm pocket for a little nap and relaxation. They will cuddle TEDDY S and whisper secrets into his big soft ears.

Teddy bears are known to provide emotional comfort, a sense of security and reduce negative feelings, such as loneliness and anxiety. Every kid needs a nice TEDDY friend, being a kid is hard work after all.

Removable & washable covers

The TEDDIES come with an inner liner and removable, washable covers. The inner bag is filled with soft beans and it can easily be refilled as required. 

The covers come in several beautiful, high quality furniture textiles and carefully curated color options. They can be matched with MOVE covers and our sofas and armchairs.

Please contact us for more info and prices.